John Kang

John Kang

John Kang is CEO of Reasi, an online real estate escrow service that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and seamless home closing experience.  John is a 10-year veteran of residential real estate as a loan officer, realtor, and property investor.  He has also been appointed by CFOs of industry-leading manufacturing companies, including a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, to lead financial innovation internally.


For John, Reasi is the culmination of a variety of experiences.  John’s foundation is technology, having spent over 12 years as a software engineer, most notably at Factset, the data pillar for Wall Street banks.  During the 2000s, he dove deep into residential real estate and identified the transaction’s pain points from multiple perspectives as a loan officer, a realtor, and a buyer.

Most recently, John focused on honing his corporate management skills by first, attending business school, and then taking positions leading corporate finance and strategy at some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.  John now pulls on his various disciplines to elevate the real estate industry’s capabilities.


John holds a BS in Economics from MIT and received his MBA from Michigan’s Ross School of Business.  He has completed required NMLS courses and is a licensed mortgage loan originator.