Kim Prior

Kim Prior

Kim is the senior marketing executive for FBS. She joined FBS 5+ years ago to launch the Spark Platform and was subsequently appointed Vice President of Marketing to initiate and develop the marketing team and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

With 20 years of industry experience in both brokerage and technology, Kim has successfully held a leadership positions in marketing, sales/revenue development, strategic business development and general operations. She has comprehensive knowledge of the business, players and dynamics from all sides of the table.

Prior to her real estate career, Kim worked for a security products division of Honeywell International, managing a large geographic sales territory on the east coast. She relocated to California in 1999 to create, develop and lead a multi-million dollar, international division that included inside sales, marketing/event management and technical support.

Kim is recognized universally for the passion, creativity, leadership, knowledge and discipline she brings to projects and teams alike.

She holds dual Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Administration and Marketing Communications. A New York/New Jersey native, Kim resides in Northern California with her family, commuting frequently to FBS headquarters in North Dakota. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, writing, ethnic cooking, mixology, live music, Aesthetics and sunshine-laced-quiet-time in hammocks.